Black Hole/Dark Matter

Black Hole/Dark Matter 2017

Black Hole/Dark Matter is my second body of work using the black lava sand (Materialize the Wind is the first)

The fragility and materiality of the paper are made visible in the delicate works that bulge and bend under the the weight of the lava, which has been deposit as repetitive structures, indeterminate marks and fractal forms on their surfaces. Through the repetition of both method and action, the materials accumulate to form three dimensional structures, that extend from the wall and seems to interact with the air flow from the viewers movements in the room.

Black Hole/Dark Matter 1-6,  lava on silk paper (25 gr.), each 66 x 90 cm, 2017

Black Hole/Dark Matter 1-6, lava on silk paper (25 gr.), each 66 x 90 cm, 2017

Photos: Alen Aligrudic