Materialize The Wind

Materialize The Wind 2016

At an artist-in-residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland (2016) I discovered the lava sand also known as black sand, though it isn't sand, but lava grains. The lava travels from the volcanos by the glaciers and the streams and ends up at the beach.  On its way it transforms from solid material into fine grains. My discovery of the black sand was the beginning of an ongoing investigation of this permanent, but yet slowly degrading material.

The lava sand is sprinkled on the soaked horisontal paper. By spraying additional water and by constantly swaying the paper, the water runs through the lava grains and creates small streams. The patterns that occur are universel fractal structures. In this body of work these structures are exemplified by the invisible wind, which now is made visible by the water and the lava.

Detail.  Materialize the Wind, lava on handmade paper (500 gr.), 2016

Detail. Materialize the Wind, lava on handmade paper (500 gr.), 2016